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We provide affordable skin treatments while using top-of-the-line solutions at an affordable price. Our goal is to help every client be comfortable with their skin and help them achieve the flawless, natural, and radiant skin they deserve.

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“ I was well-taken care of. Everything was clearly explained to me before the procedure from the process to the after-service. I can’t wait to try other services”

“ Few months ago I had my worst breakout experience because of stress and wearing of face masks that leads and leaves to acne scars/dark spots. Because of that I became for conscious about it and even tried using different soaps and skin care products that will help me with my problem.

Then I realize maybe I should consult the experts when it comes to our skin. So earlier I went to nearest and newest Beauty Affair Hub and had my skin checked and had my full face CO2 Fractional Laser that will help me in renewing my skin and makes it more smoother, tighter and gives you that youthful glow.”

“ In terms of taking care of myself, I always invest on skincare. I think all of you know this I, I always dream to have a perfect skin like the celebrities, yeah! Sino bang hindi? & By achieving this- I have this one common problem and one of my insecurities is having a pimple/acne scars after having my period and also this called maskne.

But with the help of @beautyaffairhub I consulted this to them. I told them that I want to get rid the acne scars on my face “kanang ga lubak-lubak” and I want to have a smooth skin.


Skin Treatments

Our aestheticians in Cebu city, Philippines, are trained and certified to provide the best treatments possible for any type of skin problem.

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We are here to ensure that every client feels safe, and we will take care of you every step of the way. Our goal is to ensure that you get the skin you want and deserve!

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Our aestheticians are trained and certified to carry out any skin treatment for all skin types.

Trusted Skin Care Clinic in Cebu City

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What are the signs of healthy skin?

Hydrated, not oily or dry. With a pinkish glow, supple and smooth to touch.

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Trusted dermatologist clinic for facial and body treatments, drips, and diode laser.

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