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Beaty Affair Hub is the best derma clinic for your skincare needs and skin treatment solutions. We provide complete facial and body treatments, including drips and diode laser, to help you achieve the healthy glowing skin that you deserve.



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Are you looking for reliable skin care treatments? Do you want to work with the best dermatologist clinic in the City? Beauty Affair Hub is here for you.

We provide affordable and effective skin and body treatments for any skin type. Talk to our expert aestheticians today, and let’s find the best solution for your skin troubles.


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Community Beauty Feedback


Star Cabrera de Garcia
Cebuana actress – Talisay City, Cebu

I was well-taken care of. Everything was clearly explained to me before the procedure from the process to the after-service. I can't wait to try other services'.

Bea Evardone

I got my maskne treated at @beautyaffairhub, Had 2 acne facials _ used their products and it healed my maskne. So if you are suffering from maskne like me, go shoot them a message. Their treatments and products are formulated by dermatologists. I'm not 100% healed yet but I'm seeing major progress.

Danielle Aznar
Student – Cebu City

The beauty technicians and nurses work hand in hand with you towards your desired body ad skin goals. They do not force certain services that don't fit into your needs just to make an extra buck, and that's what I love most about Beauty Affair Hub. I feel welcomed into a family that wants to take care of you.
It definitely took me time to have the confidence and security I have now. Healing will never be linear, you just never stop learning and growing. A journey definitely made easier because of Beauty Affair.

Glenn Noval
Fashion designer/photographer
– Consolacion, Cebu

I realize maybe I should consult the experts when it comes to our skin. So earlier I went to nearest and newest Beauty Affair Hub and had my skin checked and had my full face CO2 Fractional Laser that will help me in renewing my skin and makes it more smoother, tighter and gives you that youthful glow.

Miss Johanna
Lifestyle & Beauty Bogger – Cebu City

I am so happy to had this consulted to them. As of now, as I observed, my face is incrementally closing the big pores which I have also in my face, my scars are slowly healed and soothe. I am more confident to totally have a perfect skin with the help of @beautyaffairhub which I trust.

Phabz Bette
Cebu City

My ever glowing face on my wedding day, thanks to Beauty Affair Hub for making my special day extra memorable
derma clinic cebu - Bea Evardone COO
derma clinic cebu - Danielle Aznar Student Cebu City
derma clinic cebu - Glenn Noval Fashion designer photographer Consolacion Cebu
derma clinic cebu - Miss Johanna Lifestyle & Beauty Blogger Cebu City
derma clinic cebu - Phabz Bette Cebu City
derma clinic review - Star Cabrera de Gracia Cebuana actress Talisay City Cebu

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